• Womens Heat disease event

    I recently spoke at an event at St Lukes hospital in Sugar Land for womens heart. Check out the article in the fort bend star!


  • Do you have Congestive Heart failure ?

    Do you or someone you know suffer from congestive heart failure? Are you constantly being hospitalized for fluid retention? Do you know the cause of why your heart failure?

    Congestive heart failure is a very prevelant disease in the United States and worldwide. It accounts for a large amount of cardiology hospital admissions. Also, it accounts for many cardiology recurrent admissions. It is a very difficult disease not only to treat but manage at times. There are several different reasons for heart faliure. Understanding the cause of your heart failure can help in the management of your condition.

    Your heart is like a pump and it is made of muscle that is similar to a an elastic balloon. That muscle is desinged to expand to let blood in and squeeze to pump it out to the rest of your body. Congestive heart failure is defined as either systolic or diastolic. Those two words are describing what has happened to the muscle of your heart. Systolic heart failure, is basically defined as the heart muscle becoming weak and stretched out. It means that the heart ability to squeeze is reduced. Diastolic heart failure is defined as the muscle becoming stiff and cannot expand like it used to. Although the heart function is normal, it is not able to expand well enough to let blood in. In either of these two situations, the increase in volume and pressure causes blood to go backwards and into the lungs, and all the way down to your feet.

    Some of the causes of heart failure could be coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, poorly controlled high blood pressure and many others. Some times we do not have a cause. However, in the end evaluation and treatment require not only medicines but sometimes surgery to fix the problem.

    People with advanced heart failure or recurrent episodes of heart failure that require hospital admission may require or be eligible for more advanced treatments such as a left ventricular assist device or even heart transplant. Other things that can be used is a device implanted in the pulmonary artery that can monitor the fluid status and allow your physician to montior whether you are going to need more diuretics to get the fluid off of you before you need to be hospitalized.

    Heart failure is very complicated and requires a good evaluation and very close monitoring. Medical therapy is very important. If you or someone you know has congestive heart failure and you have suffered from symptoms on a regular basis or have required periodic hospitalizations for your symptoms, then make sure you come and see us for a good evaluation by our excellent team. We can discuss several options for your treatment and even new technologies such as the cardiomems device to help monitor your heart failure. Check out this video and come discuss with us whether this can help you.