Do you have risk factors for heart disease? Are you having chest pain? Are you having shortness of breath out of the ordinary for you? Risk factors for heart disease include many things such as High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking and many others.

Stress testing can be very helpful identifying whether or not you have any heart disease such as blockages in the arteries that go to your heart. There are several different types of stress tests. They all include EKG monitoring, however some include images and some are just done using the EKG. They all have advantages and disadvantages. However, depending on the patient, one type of stress test may be more suitable than others. Also, some people have difficulty walking on the treadmill for stress tests and therefore, we have alternative ways of doing the stress test without the need to walk on the treadmill.

The advantage to coming to complete cardiology care and having your stress test done is that we offer convienient Saturday morning stress test slots. We offer all types of stress testing including treadmill EKG tests, stress echocardiograms and nuclear stress tests.

Also, we are much cheaper than trying to do it at the hospital. Hospitals charges are higher and therefore, you deductible portion is higher. In the office, our charges are lower and therefore less out of pocket expense for you.

Has someone asked you to get a stress test? Or do you think you need a stress test? Give us a call and come visit us and will take excellent care of you. Will accomodate same day or next day appointments

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