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He is so nice and professional

I just love Dr. Sonbol . I went to the ER for a gall bladder attack. During lab work it was found my heart enzymes were quite high. Thank God Dr Sonbol came to check it out. Within 24 hours I was having a angioplasty, followed by implanting 3 stints. And he is so nice and professional. I'm a retired RN and I KNOW a good doctor when I find one 🙂

Julie Smith Sugar Land , Tx August 21, 2014

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Puts his patients first

Dr. Sonbol is a hard working doctor who puts his patients first.

Angelica Rameriz Pearland , Tx August 21, 2014

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Thank you Dr. Sonbol for saving my life.

On this day, April 24, 2011, Dr. Sonbol saved my life. I was 38 years old and had a heart attack. He performed an angiogram and my heart stopped several types and I was with no heart beat for almost an hour total. They thought that I might end up a vegetable, but I didn't. I had a 99% blockage in the widow maker Dr. Sonbol put three stents in my heart. Since then, I am trying to live life, you never know what can happen. I am doing my bucket list. I went to Disney World! Sometimes I wonder why I was saved when so many aren't. My advice to everyone, live life, don't put the important things off and always think there will be plenty of time. Laugh, love, and dance like no one is watching. Thank you Dr. Sonbol for saving my life.

Melissa Pahl Saint Cloud , MN August 21, 2014

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Outstanding Doctor!

I've been one of Dr. Sonbol's patients for several years. You won't meet a more conscientious, caring doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Sonbol for all your heart needs.

Peggy Halford Richmond , TX September 22, 2014

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For several years my legs began to ache, feel heavy and sluggish, and as though I had straps around my ankles. I was also developing RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and unsightly varicose veins.
As you can imagine, being a teacher for 27 years and on my feet most of the day, these were not welcome maladies.

When I spoke with Dr. Sonbol regarding this matter, he knew exactly what the issue was and began explaining what Veinous Reflux Disease is. He then told me about a quick, in-office procedure with CariVein and the difference that it would make in my life.
Since I began this procedure, for the four diseased veins, my varicose veins and RLS have been diminishing, I am developing more energy and am able to stand without the achiness from the veinous reflux.
AND Medicare has paid for nearly 100% of the treatment!

Whether you are a male or female, if you are experiencing some or all of the symptoms that I mentioned above, call Dr. Sonbol today for a Consultation regarding Veinous Reflux Disease and how it can set you free from your symptoms.

Carol Houlihan SUgar Land, TX. Veinous Reflux Disease/Ablation September 13, 2018

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